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Custom Robotics

With the power of PLCs today and either software integrated kinematics and coordinated motion control libraries, or Edsgn AOI's and function blocks we can Integrate, Design, Machine, Assemble and Program a variety of custom manipulators. All robots come with interactive touch screen for Jogging and controls, Communication over Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP IP. Closed Loop Stepper or Servo Control. CSA / UL Approvals. These are full size industrial robots not your average desktop toy!

Parallel Link Deltas Starting at $4999.99 CAD

4 Axis Scara, Starting at $4999.99 CAD 

4 Axis 4 Link (Palletizers) Starting at $9999.99 CAD

Cartesian Gantries 

Full 6 Axis Articulated Robot Arms ( Mostly retrofits of outdated electronics with solid mechanics)

Contact Us for a full list of details

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