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Hardware Specialists

Below is a list of some of the software and hardware that we use on a regular basis

Servo Motion Control
AD Sure Servo, AKD Kollmorgen, Allen Bradley Kinetix, Codesys OpenPLC, SE, Etc.

PLC Programming
Allen Bradley Control / Compact / Guard Logix
Codesys, SE Control Expert, Delta, PLCOpen
Pilz PSS4000, Pilz PASVisu Safety Programming
Omron Sysmac Studio, 
Automation Direct Click /  Productivity Suite / Do-more / Brick
Motion Programming / Cams / Gearing / Kinematics / Co-ordination Motion
Ladder logic, Structured text, CFC, Function Blocks

Electrical Design
Creation and revisions Eplan Electric, SolidWorks Electrical, AutoCAD, Visio

Mechanical Design
SolidWorks, Autocad, Fusion360


Kuka Robotics / mxAutomation / Safe-Operation
ABB Robotics / Robotstudio / PickMaster

Fanuc Robotics / AB AOI / IR Pick Tool
UR Robotics / VirtualBox Simulations

Epson / RC+ Simulations
Yaskawa / MLX300
Edgsn Automation Custom Delta / Scara / 4 Axis Palletizer Robotics designed and build in-house!

Your one stop shop of all of your Automation needs!
Design / Build / Program / Support

Automation & Controls Integration, Robotics and Automation Specialists,
Retrofit Obsolete PLCs, Drives, Controls
Overseas Equipment Upgrades and Certification Program Migration Services.
Industrial Robotics Experts. Robot replacement, Integration, Upgrades, Support.

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